Curiosity Does NOT Kill Cats (Us), It Creates Genius

According to our society’s most reliable wisdom, old wives’ tales:

“Curiosity Killed the Cat.” ➡️ “❓’s + You = ☠️”

Everyone knows that inquisitiveness can lead one to life-threatening injury or misfortune. Right? If this was true, I would be dead a million times over. I am one of the most curious people you will ever encounter.

As a child, my mother had a full-time job trying to cater to my curiosities.

Our family was poor, like relying on food & clothing banks and social welfare poor.

But, we had a social welfare perk! The government paid for any children’s programs. With no home wealth, my mostly single mom capitalized on community opportunities to enrich her children. Some of these were just a school season, some were many years. From ages 5 to 17, the below were my extra-curricular cat lives.

Music & Arts: 🎻, Violin, 🎺 Clarinet, 🎹 Organ, 🔔 Bell Choir, 🗣 Singing Choirs & Poem Recitation Competitions.

Sports: ⚽️ Soccer (up to University), 🩰 Ballet, 🏊‍♀️ Swimming, 🎳 Bowling League,

🏸 Badminton, 🏀 Basketball, 📣 Cheerleading, 🥎 Softball League, 🥌 Curling,

🏃‍♂️ Sprinter, ☄️ Shot Put Track & Field & 📣 Coaching Cheerleading & Youth Soccer.

Organized Clubs: 🦫 Beavers, 👧🏼 Girl Scouts, 👩‍✈️ Navy Cadets, 📖 Youth Church Groups, 🐄 4-H, 🎶 Vacation Bible Schools & 🏕 Bible Camps.

I have no real musical talent other than I rocked at 🎼 music theory because it is all ➕ math. I was rarely on the starting lineup of any teams (except soccer).

But my 🤯 brain, body, and soul were enriched beyond measure.

Curiosity didn’t kill me, it grew my mind and life. Gave me depth, breadth, vibrancy, and more lives than a cat. I learned about diverse human behaviour, strategy, music, art, and so much more. Most of all, it gave me a perspective superpower.

Curiosity doesn’t kill us, it creates genius abilities.

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