New Tax Refund for Charitable Donations for Individuals & Corporations | Restarting the Economy to Recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Social Action Matters: How Refunding Charitable Donations Stimulates the Economy   Canada Federal Budget 2021 Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations — August 7, 2020 By Samantha Postman Economic Stimulus Plan:   Recommendation...

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COVID Response: Immediate Increased Charitable Donation Tax Refund

SAVE: Nonprofits, NPO Recipients, Canadians, Businesses & Government April 24th, 2020 Help SAVE Charity Organizations by Rewarding Canadians with a Refundable Charitable Donation Benefit Essential Service Emergency: Charitable Organizations are...

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Currently, advocating for a:

New Tax Refund for Charitable Donations from Individuals & Corporations to Restart the Economy, to Recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(psst. I’m a personal & corporate tax expert)

See my bold PROPOSAL to the Canada Federal Finance Senate Committee here.

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