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Some years ago, when I almost died my brain was damaged and it rewired. I don't always communicate linearly or sequentially anymore. Especially since learning Spanish, a flipped sentence structure to English. This disability has held me back from starting a blog. However, my mind has this unbelievable ability to think in dimensions it couldn't before.

If you want unique thoughts, please don't let that deter you. Since so many of you ask for coffee dates, I have built up the courage share my ideas anyway.

Most of my blogs and writings are about life, education, business, and my insights on society and culture. These serve as my curated knowledge from life learnings and experiences through the lenses of tragedies, triumphs and travels.

I write in a variety of forms. Most are transcriptions of my podcast, some are proposals, some are lifestyle, some are academic, others are from my theological seminary studies 2014-2016, and you may even find the occasional poetry.

What Seniors Need You to Know About Financial Poverty But Are Too Ashamed to Tell You

Seniors want you to know this before it’s too late! Prevent your 👵🏻 old age tragedy with education & planning. 🚨 Women/wives/mothers are 342% more affected. Women, you have a crisis coming, and you need to be prepared. Men, your wives...

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BP 14 Tre Ammatuna | Perspective Shifting

E14: How To Gain The Super Power Of Perspective Shifting Through Photography And Life Experience w/ Tre Ammatuna Part 2 Of 2

  Your perspective isn’t the only one out there. Understanding that and knowing how to shift your perspective in order to relate and connect with other people is very important. In this episode, Samantha Postman practices a portion of her TEDx...

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E13: The Impact Of Rhythm Of Music on Our Lives with Tre Ammatuna Part 1 of 2

  Refining your message so that you can get it across is very important. This is why Twitter requires 250 words so that people don’t just start rambling. You need to clearly get out there so that you can get proper feedback. Join your...

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BP 9 | Mentoring The Next Generation

E12: Samantha on Lighting The Way: Mentoring The Next Generation, Teachability and Paying Forward with Justin Furtado

  Mentoring the next generation can be a difficult but uplifting experience. In this episode, we discover mentorship insights and experiences as our host, Samantha Postman, sits down for a talk with Justin Furtado, Co-Founder and Captain of...

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E10: Unwanted Labels, Travel, Alarming Mentoring Favoritism, Salty Rant on School System & Seeing the World In 10D/ HDR w/ David Kimbell, part 1 of 2

With the human mind being bombarded with different beliefs and opinions here and there, it’s all up to you to determine how to manage them. By gaining better perspectives on every topic out there, you can achieve better decision-making and...

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E8: 3 Tips On How To Do It All In Your Lifetime

People often ask Samantha how she has done it all and well. For the overachievers and the ambitious, she shares tips on how she accomplished so much, developed a life-long marriage, and raised 3 thriving young adults. Remember, we only have a...

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Hi! 👋 I’m Samantha Postman, a Multi-Passionate Pursuer. I’m a moving target because I am constantly growing and gaining new skills. It’s why people seek my bold perspectives. Gained from a breadth of experience from a remarkable life. I was a welfare kid turned serial entrepreneur and more.

My followers say I’m: Tenacious; Vivacious, Sherlock Holmes intuitive; a People Whisperer, Inspirational, have 10D Vision and a underdiscovered MasterMind. Don’t believe it?
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New Tax Refund for Charitable Donations from Individuals & Corporations to Restart the Economy, to Recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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